Trading networks continue to develop every day, as international trade becomes more widespread. Countries consider different options and alternatives to import goods and products they need. Companies offer international logistics services in order to attain a place in the globalizing logistics and transport market.

Today, goods and products are transported to other countries by road, sea, rail and air. One of the fastest transport option in international logistics, which is a developing business, is air transport. Specially designed cargo aircrafts are used for transporting goods to and from foreign countries.

We stand out with our high quality and reliable services, affordable prices and on-time delivery. You can make logistics easier by getting chartering services from us.

Scope of Chartering Services

We offer international air freight services in addition to rail, land and maritime transportation. We provide cargo transport services to 7 continents with specially designed cargo aircrafts. You can enjoy chartering services we deliver to Asia, Middle East, Europe and America.

We are an expert international transport and chartering company that offers services for varying degrees of volume and weight of cargo based on special customer requests and needs. We have the necessary certificates and proficiency and established long-term partnerships with international corporations. We always pay attention to implement affordable prices and make on-time delivery.

Advantages of Getting Chartering Services

Standing out with our knowledge and experience in international logistics, we offer full and part cargo aircraft chartering services with low-cost alternatives in accordance with international quality standards, by utilizing business relations and human resources available. One of the major advantages of chartering services is that it saves time and is affordable.

You can make your business activities more efficient and qualified at affordable prices. We aim to be a strategic business partner to our customers in the field of air freight through the help of our expert team and partners. Adopting the principle of being the most reliable business partner of our customers, we offer fast and affordable air freight solutions.

Chartering Prices

Air freight is the way to offer fast and reliable cargo transport services to 7 continents across the globe. You can use chartering services we provide at competitive prices to complement your business.

Chartering prices are determined based on requested services, official procedures, model and capacity of the requested aircraft and other similar factors. You can get information from our customer representatives for more details. You can also request face-to-face meetings with our company officials and find out more about our services.