Special Cargo

With a sense of quality and reliable service, we deliver your special cargo that requires sensitive and special handling to any address you wish. Offering expert and professional services at all stages of shipping, we act diligently to store, transport, label and load your cargo.

We deliver your cargo while taking necessary safety measures at all stages of air freight from loading the cargo to the plane until destination. We carry and package your cargo as required by its type and properties. You can contact us for more information about special cargo.

Special Cargo Transport

We deliver textiles, perishable fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables, seafood products or other sensitive and special cargo to many destinations across the world. We also carry high-value special cargo such as gold, silver, private files and banknotes.

Our customers in all fields of business appreciate us and our expert team. We offer transport services for following special cargo:

  • Live Animals
  • Perishables
  • Dangerous Substances
  • Fragile Goods
  • Transportation of the Deceased
  • Valuables
  • Cold Chain Materials

Safety Measures for Special Cargo

We prioritize customer satisfaction, offer tailored cargo services and pay attention to implementing safety measures. Having introduced a new vision and mission to air freight, we place utmost importance to flight safety and security throughout all cargo processes. We carry out special cargo transport through professional and experienced companies that are capable of creating solutions to meet the expectations of our customers.

We have become one of the leading air freight companies of Turkey as we offer solution-oriented services to our customers based on their demands and needs. We also offer door-to-door delivery option in order to prevent the goods from being damaged during transport. We quickly and ingeniously complete all processes of transporting cargo that requires special handling.

Contact for Special Cargo

We deliver all types of cargo such as live animals, textile products, high-value items, textile products, goods and technological devices to the desired destination. All equipment we use for our cargo operations are set up in a way to ensure a comfortable journey. Perishable items are carried at a constant temperature suitable for transportation. We work with professional cargo companies and make delivery to 228 destinations across the world. We work with corporate air freight companies to ensure fast and reliable delivery of your cargo (Fedex, TNT, UPS, THY, MNG Airlines, Pegasus, GLS).

We offer maximum security storage services for transportation. Our warehouses are under video surveillance 24/7. Our employees are experienced and well-trained in their fields. We are aware of and assume responsibility for the cargo of our customers.

You can contact us for cargo tracking and your questions related to special cargo delivery. You can call us to get professional service. Our customer representatives will be glad to give you the details about the services you need.