Returning to Country of Origin

One of the most important concepts in international trade is the return of goods to their country of origin. Return of goods to country of origin means returning the goods to the country of origin, source country or, in other words, exporting country. Procedures for returning goods to country of origin must be followed for returning imported goods.

This procedure is described by the customs regulations. It is developed to manage the process of returning imported goods that are not processed duly by the Turkish Customs Offices to the country of origin or redelivered to the exporter. Article 213 of Turkish Customs Law No. 4458 governs this procedure. Details of implementing this procedure is given in relevant directives and communiques.

We fully comply with regulations and legal procedures concerning international logistics and manages all transactions involved in this procedure on legal grounds in order to prevent importers from incurring any damages.

When Goods are Returned to Their Country of Origin?

If imported goods enter the country without being processed as per applicable laws and regulations, they will be returned to their country of origin in accordance with the procedures stipulated by the regulations. We return goods to their country of origin in following cases:

  • If imported goods are submitted to customs office but customs regime declaration is not provided, returning process is initiated.
  • If warehouse declaration is registered and certified by the authorities as per the provisions of warehouse procedures,
  • If a declaration of release for free circulation for the goods have been registered, but the goods have not yet entered free circulation,
  • Where the goods are in free circulation but are not withdrawn from the temporary storage or the warehouse despite the completion of the procedures of release for free circulation

How Procedures for Returning to Country of Origin are Applied?

We comply with the regulations governing the procedures for returning goods to their country of origin as per the article 213 of Customs Law. Taxes and duties collected for the goods shall not be returned, as it is explicitly stated in the law. In case the goods must be returned to their country of origin, a letter must be sent to the Customs Office who carried out the procedures for release for free circulation for the goods. This letter must include details about the goods to be returned and the reasons for returning.

Other documents and certificates necessary for returning process must be issued and attached to the letter. If the application is accepted and the authorities decide upon inspection that the goods are the same as declared, a stamp that says return to country of origin is affixed on issued clearance outward section. After the document is stamped, Foreign Exchange Offices must be informed in order to initiate foreign exchange tracking and control procedures.

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