Green Logistics

As international trading becomes more prevalent, it has become inevitable for countries to supply their basic and industry-specific needs from other countries. Widespread international trade has also increased the need for logistics services. We prioritize customer satisfaction when delivering logistics services in compliance with international quality standards.

We focus on 100% customer satisfaction and guarantee reliable, fast and on-time delivery at affordable prices. Our top priority is to act in line with the principles of circular economy, eliminating waste generation and ensuring sustainable operation as part of our green logistics activities. Our self-improving dynamic structure allows us to pursue our goal of zero emission and make our business sustainable.

Incorporating Environmental Impact into Logistics Process

Correct planning and considering environmental impact of our actions at all stages of supply chain and logistics process is key in logistics sector, where resources and services must form an integrity. Especially raw materials, production, distribution and consumption processes are crucial parts of logistics activities.

Main purpose of cargo transport, storage, material use and inventory management processes is to demonstrate a performance to meet the requirements of customers. We develop green products and services, create a concept of green logistics and adopt a self-improving, rational and innovative approach to green logistics.

Points We Consider in Terms of Green Logistics Activities

Being a distinguished, well-established and experienced international logistics company in the field, we follow green logistics principles and provide many advantages as follows:

  • We usually prefer carrying big batches of goods at a time.
  • We use green and eco-friendly fuel options in order to minimize the impact of vehicles on the environment.
  • We use recycled materials for packaging.
  • We developed an environmentally friendly transportation and distribution system that eliminates adverse effects of these activities.
  • We installed noise and sound blocking mechanisms to our transport vehicles.
  • We use optimum amount of materials in order to minimize waste during packaging process.
  • We follow eco-friendly recycling principles.

Environmental Consciousness

Our top priority in logistics sector, including transit transportation, returning goods to their country of origin, special cargo and chartering services, is environmental consciousness. We demonstrate our top-notch environmental awareness by carrying out climate neutral, carbon conscious and green storage, waste recycling and environmentally friendly packaging and transportation services. You can call our customer services line 24/7 and learn more about our services.