Transit Transportation

We offer transit transportation services, which have a significant role in our national economy, through our experienced and expert team. Transit transportation is a type of service where international trading operations are managed through the territory of a third country other than the country of consignment or destination. Our country is bounded by sea on its three sides and connects Europe to Asia.

We have to pay attention to and act diligently in terms of transit transportation in order to contribute to economic growth of our country. With this awareness, we offer transit transportation services with our full-fledged team of experts and cutting-edge equipment. We have achieved customer satisfaction in all our operations and we aim to carry our success a step forward in transit transportation.

Transit Cargo Transportation

Transit cargo transportation is carrying the goods by land or sea in a territory of a third country and delivering the goods to a third country. As one of the leading companies in high quality and reliable transit cargo operations in Turkey, we offer fast and affordable solutions to our customers. Authorized companies with necessary certificates and permits must be preferred for getting transit cargo services.

We have necessary transit cargo transportation certificates and documents obtained from the chamber of commerce. We also offer services to obtain clearance and related documents. We carefully record and report the type of goods inside the packages, gross weight, number of packages and other details about the cargo. We offer quality services in line with legal requirements. You can find out more about our transit cargo transportation services by contacting our customer representatives.

Transit Cargo and On-time Delivery

We act responsibly in order to prevent our customers from incurring damages during international transportation processes. Planning, scheduling and on-time delivery are very important for transit transportation services. Offering a wide range of services in addition to transit cargo, including chartering, returning goods to their country of origin and special cargo transport, we stand out with our focus on quality service and on-time delivery.

We act swiftly at all stages of transport from loading to unloading. We offer transit cargo transportation services by land and sea to many destinations around the globe. We act consciously and guarantee on-time delivery.

Transit Transportation Prices

Transit transportation prices may vary according to the quantity and type of the cargo and the distance from the destination. We prioritize customer satisfaction and offer high quality services at affordable prices. We deliver your goods safely with fast and affordable transportation approach.

We deliver requested services at competitive prices. You can contact us for more and up-to-date information about transit transportation prices. You can find out more about our transit transportation services through our customer services available 24/7.